Why This Matters

After the exposure of Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator in the workplace, and brave survivors declared “#MeToo,” the movement to end sexual harassment and violence gained momentum. Powerful and abusive men were finally being held accountable. Survivors were heard and believed. Many workplaces changed policies, practices, and developed new training on sexual harassment. But has this been enough? What more can your workplace do? What more can you do?

We all deserve to work in an environment that promotes respect, equity, dignity, and safety. And firing a few bad actors simply won’t save the movie. It’s about culture. Workplaces that routinely sideline and marginalize women, people of color, and LGBTQ workers, and fail to have these workers in positions of leadership and influence, provide fertile ground for sexual harassment to take root in the workplace, and flourish.

Futures Without Violence, in partnership with a coalition of organizations and activists committed to ending workplace sexual harassment and violence, have created an organizing tool for workers to come together, assess their workplace culture, and promote change.

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, workers across the country will participate in #CheckYourWorkplace – a day to assess and reflect on the visible and invisible signs that demonstrate a lack of equity and respect in the workplace and start the process to change the culture of your workplace to one that provides support, dignity, equity, and respect for all workers.

Sign up with some of your coworkers to participate, download the #CheckYourWorkplace checklist, and BE THE CHANGE in your workplace. And look through this site for resources, materials, and tools from organizations dedicated to working with you, to help you and your coworkers create a workplace environment where everyone can thrive.