Leadership Principles to End Workplace Sexual Harassment and Violence

Exhibit leadership on this issue. I will personally model the type of workplace I want to create – one that promotes civility, respect, equity, and safety. I will establish a Code of Conduct based on these values, and hold all employees and management accountable for adhering to the Code.

Engage in an honest assessment of my workplace by instituting an anonymous, confidential climate survey to evaluate the work culture and environment, determine the needs of workers, and gaps and failings in response.

Close gaps in gender equity. I will develop a strategic plan to recruit, hire, and mentor women, people of color, and other marginalized workers for leadership positions. I will evaluate salaries and benefits for employees in similar positions to ensure pay parity, and if disparity exists on the basis of gender, race, or any other factor other than merit, I will close those gaps in pay and benefits.

Develop a prevention-focused education and response program. I will seek assistance from prevention experts to create an education and response program informed by employees at all levels.

Promote accountability and transparency. I will take concrete steps to ensure employees can report inappropriate conduct and bad actors without fear of reprisal or retaliation. I will ensure pre and post-employment agreements do not limit the ability of any employees to report or talk about experiences of workplace sexual harassment and violence.

Ensure all workspaces are safe places. It is my responsibility to ensure that anyone who enters workspaces under my control – as a janitor, salesperson, client, or otherwise – will not be subjected to sexual harassment and violence. I will hold companies, agencies, subcontractors, and individuals with whom I conduct business accountable to the values our company represents, and will take the necessary steps to ensure their workers are able to work free from harassment, exploitation, and abuse as well.

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